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Jadau is the traditional Indian jewelry making techniques, with a highly distinctive style. It emphasis a rich heritage look once worn, especially on the wedding day.

The intricacy in each design has been heavily inspired by the regality of the Mughal dynasty, enigmatic with gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and kundan stones. All brides, no matter how modern in outlook, strive on the Royal Look for their wedding, and Jadau Jewelry brings out the Princess in them.

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Polki jewelry is distinguished by the use of Raw uncut Stones, Unfinished and Original Diamonds, reclaiming the ethnicity. The audacity lies in the paradox implied between the stones and its radiance.

Polki Stones are mined from the earth, not in an artificial but natural way, hence they boost its natural form and sheen.

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Our Bespoke Silver Jewellery blends with modern techniques with intricate bequest details to create eclat designs which boosts tantalising yet sophisticated outlook.

We specialise in RENOVATING, RE-DESIGNING AND RE-PURPOSING your old Silver & Gold jewellery into new fine masterpieces.

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This form of Jewelry is made with 22 carat hallmark gold instead of any stones or glass use. Add a decidedly verdant touch to your wedding wardrobe with these lush collection.

It is the most traditional form of Jewelry. Many of Antique Gold Pieces have asymmetrical Detailing, that reflects nature’s impetuous ways.